There is lots of software to choose from when it comes to e-commerce website development.



Zen Cart
This is another form of Os-commerce.
Relating to template engine and features, it differs from its superior.
Zen Cart has template engine that enables the creating of custom themes for web stores.
In its plug-in repository, it has almost a 1,000 free add-ons.


This software is initially complex but once fully active offers an exceptional online shopping experience to consumers.
It has rich features and fulfils shopping cart requisites.
It is still new with a reasonable number of community members and an official repository of over 2,000 extensions.

This offers speed to the website with a low weight.
It is easy to use, has over 50,000 community members and in relation to speed better than Magento.


Pre-Hosted and Paid Solutions

  • Shopify
  • FoxyCart

This is pre-hosted and charges for an online store.
Because it is paid for, it reduces the burdens of owners.
All they need do is add products on their site.
Shopify handles the payment gateways, security and SSL.
It enables the design of custom themes and domains.
Charges are usually on a monthly basis.

This differs from Shopify because it is not a CMS, but only a shopping cart.
It is integrated with an existing site.
Users with a code entered on the website can customize its look and feel whenever.
Charges are also monthly.
There is lots of software to choose from when it comes to e-commerce website development.
One just needs to choose the best.
There are numerous companies providing the development services.
There also numerous expert developers and designers that provides shopping cart solutions with the finest software.

As an entrepreneur, it is vital to have an online presence.
Creating that online store is the first move towards building strategies and having a foothold in the billion dollar customer base.


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