There is lots of software to choose from when it comes to e-commerce website development.


However, money started coming in, people with economic background were hired.
eBay was placed on the stock exchange and in three years the business was unbelievable.
Now with more than a thousand categories, over 600 bids are placed per minute.
More than 250,000 items are added every day with sales that surmount 45 million items dating back to 1995 that it began.

eBay has nearly 50 million users registered and staffs of over 2,500.


Comparable to eBay is in Malaysia.
It offers auctions and tradings too.
It started as a customer to customer transaction and then grew to become a network for business to customer relations.

It distinguishes itself through the way it relates to its users.
It helps them with their queries and problems and solving them in that moment.
Nowadays, it has over 10,000 diverse members with various preferences and interests.
In general, it is mostly about people and them wanting to partake in something even if it deals with the sale of their own goods.

Nevertheless, comes up with a very remarkable concept that envisions them being Asia’s biggest e-commerce platform.

SMilDS systems enable not only the customer to customer trading community but likewise the business to business.
Imagine the feeling of shopping at your home for your holidays' gifts, free of crowds, long queues and walks.
What if your most proffered shop is online and is only a click away from you to purchase that item you love.
That is the concept has used to introduce an online mall where any individual item can be sought.
That is very exciting. had concerns about people, the prospect of buying their virtual spaces and certainly training them in every e-commerce activity that they might be involved in.

To sum it up, e-commerce has attained the levels, where giving the space for the buying and selling of your merchandises is no longer sufficient.

It is about time to relate what it all entails for better offers and steady growth.
It is time to look at the trends and thus sell the things that are not needed that might be of interest to some other person.


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