There is lots of software to choose from when it comes to e-commerce website development.



E-commerce cart system for shopping allows businesses to create online stores.
With it, businesses can display their products and have an influence on the global audience.
There are no time, location and distance barriers.
Consumers enjoy a secure shopping experience online.
Since developing it is easy and not expensive, small businesses can have an online store.
In choosing the best e-commerce software for an online store, a lot of options are available.
Some are free like wandcontactdoos while some are pre-hosted and paid.
Free and Open Source Software

  • Os-commerce
  • Zen Cart
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop

This is known as one of the best shopping cart software having set the benchmarks in the development of e-commerce.
Its members across the globe are over 200,000.
They are committed and active in their use of add-on features.
The software is free and moulded based on need and license under which it is released.


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“The latest Manchester United's jersey is now sold on!"
When you look at companies like Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, SMilDS and so on, you wonder what makes them successful.

Their growths are rapid and unending.
One sure explanation is their ability to meet customer’s needs.
Look at eBay for example, it began as an auction website and then grew to become the biggest one-to-one online trading community.

Knowing little about e-commerce, Pierre Omidyar followed different computer enthusiasts to figure out what the internet could be used for.
He then found auction as an exciting marketing tool.

With an advert showing a minimum price, people who are interested can bid.
In just a few months his web had hosted thousands of auctions with more than 10,000 bids.
The subsequent step was to charge every seller a percentage of the final price, risking whether it will bode well for them or not.


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